Elites Double Down on Medical Gun Control Politics

(From: guns.com)
To see how utterly disconnected the public health gun prohibition movement and their major media allies are from the everyday lives of normal people, consider the recent carefully orchestrated media blast of Dr. Garen Wintemute’s latest gun control advocacy article. My expert colleagues Dr. Margulies and Dr. Young dissected this smelly specimen of junk science last week. But there’s another message in Wintemute’s article.  Medical gun control activists are perceiving pushback from the sic...

Studying Anti-Gun Studies: Confusion, Obfuscation and Irrelevance

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They’re at it again, so we are too.  “They” are the ‘gun violence is a public health issue’ crowd, who keep propounding theories about how guns should be treated as autonomous risk factors for injury and death.  DRGO will keep setting them straight.  If we weren’t volunteers, we’d thank them for keeping us so busy. The big news from the front this week was an article appearing May 16 in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Yes, You Can: Physicians, Patients, and Firearms by Garen Wintemute an...

Two Profiles in Hoplophobia

(Garen Wintemute, MD From: davisenterprise.com)
The public health culture war against gun owners started a quarter century ago and shows no signs of letting up. The steady surge in support of the civil right of gun ownership seems to have spurred medical hoplophobes in universities and in government to renew their efforts to prohibit gun ownership. The big academic gun-grabbers enjoy support from a fawning media and from sympathetic activists in government.  Mainstream media accounts always portray them as heroes fighting “gun violence...

Gun Violence Restraining Orders, Unrestrained

California is awesome.  It is huge, and varied in people, environments, and cultures.  And it’s a seething cauldron of bizarre 'progressive' agendas. We’ve been following some of them through this year’s legislative session.  Two of DRGO’s chief activists, Drs. Timothy Wheeler and Arthur Przebinda, were in Sacramento recently to oppose spending taxpayer dollars to shore up the failing anti-gun activism of Dr. Garen Wintemute and colleagues at the University of California. Anoth...

Doctors Kill 23 Times More People Than Guns Kill!

("The Scream" from: edvardmunch.org)
Behold this leading-bleeding scream piece from BMJ, formerly the British Medical Journal and formerly a respected source of scientific information for your doctor.  The journal has a history of free-wheeling condemnation of American gun owners, going so far as to advocate attacking their very culture.  Throwing fuel on their own fire, BMJ editors evidently have now resorted to an old if not exactly honorable practice of hack journalism—printing the shocking and the scandalous, even if the tr...

An Anti-Gun Glossary

The English language is an inexhaustible gift to writers.  It has the largest vocabulary of any language, with multiple word meanings that vary according to etymology and context.  We even have words that can mean their own opposites, like “sanction”, “oversight”, “left”, “dust”, “stone”, “cleave”, “fast” and others. In the human resources field “resign” can refer either to leaving employment or to returning to it.  In the practice of law, “continue” may have its usual meaning of carrying...

Where are the Millennials in RKBA activism?

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We are told that the average gun owner is a 50 year old white male and that no women or minorities like guns.  Not true!  Many of those who are not typically thought of as gun enthusiasts are becoming more involved with guns and their right to keep and bear arms. The millennial generation though, just doesn’t seem to get RKBA activism. They often seem more interested in saving the environment, protecting endangered wildlife or whatever may be the cause of the week. (more…)